Monday, 1 June 2015

Setup, Testing and Bug investigation

At my session at Let's Test last week I had a slide where letters S, T and B were shown. I asked the audience if they could guess what the letters stood for. It seemed that no one had an instant clue (I waited just a few seconds, maybe if I have had more patience I am sure someone would have guessed) so I revealed the answer: Setup, Testing and Bug investigation.

When we had James Bach on site for corporate training about four years ago, I was introduced to Session-based Test Management (SBTM) and I really liked the concept of measuring a testers time spent divided into S, T and B.

If I remember correctly (or at least this is how I use the terms nowadays) it is like this a bit simplified:

  • Testing - testing the product
  • Bug investigation - problem investigation
  • Setup - the rest of your time
Also Michel Bolton had a great post about S, T and B a few years ago where he interviewed a tester how his weekly hours at work was divided between the three letters mentioned.

I have a feeling that many of us testers not having that much "T-time" as we wish we had. One of the key points at my Let's Test session is that testability features or tools can help us having more time in the "T-area".

I created a PDF based on my session slides which I guess will be published at Let's Test site within a near future. But since the slides does not do the session justice for those who did not attended I will try to publish a series of blog posts that elaborates a bit about my topic, stay tuned...


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