Friday, 13 June 2008

Test automation report - source code

Here you can find the source code for my node report (see previous post):

I have enclosed an excel file instead of my database but if you take a look at the sheets you get some clues how my test case data model is like.

Place the files under c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ if you want to run immediatly else you have to alter some hardcoded filepaths in the html-files.

If you have local IIS you open the report by this URL:


where the number after the ? is input parameter which test run report to show.

If you are successful in installation the page should look like this:

The report uses both VBScript and JavaScript (client side, that is why security warning will occur) and the components enclosed is free to use.

Good luck! I am off sailing this weekend so don't expect any support for a few days :-)


Stefan said...

From mail:

"Hi Stefan! I load your under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot Sorry, I do not know how to open or run this report.

Please, give me some instruction.

I would appreciate any help,



Have you tried typing http://localhost/Index.html?1
in Internet Explorer?

What kind of error do you get?


Val said...

Stefan, I got an error:"Service Unavailable" when I double click or I type ether way

Stefan said...

Have extracted the zip files? Do you have IIS installed? If so is it started?

If not try type this in MS IE:


and you should see the report (if you approve security warnings)

Bouncer said...

Hi Stefan,

I appreciate ur work in designing such a conclusive report which entails such an easiness for the user.But i still have some doubts over attached Result.xls, can u plzz throw some more light on worksheets and their relevance

Stefan said...


Result.xls is instead of a database where the worksheets represents tables. I strongly recommend using a database instead of excel and use your own automation data model. Regarding the enclosed data model in Result.xls you have to understand database relations and SQL for implementation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stefan,

When extracting files into correct folder and running C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Index.html,

I only get 0% complete, no graphs etc... is the mappings correct... displays no results, just template.


Stefan said...


Check that all files and folders are in the right place:

C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Contents\[a lot of stuff]



Raghu said...
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Raghu said...

Hi Stefen,

I am not able to download the Please could you repost the zip file. Currently it’s showing error message in browser.


Stefan said...

Currently my file host provider seems to have technical problems...

Pramod said...

Hi Stefan, could you please let me know where is your .zip is shared.

Stefan said...


Check back within a month...


nitish said...

hi stefan... any updates on when u will be uploading the file again??? appreciate ur help...

Unknown said...


My requirement is to add company logo at the top left cornor of my report. and then a table reporting the status of the test.
i m done with adding table for test results. i m unable to add LOGO or image to the HTML report through QTP.please provide syntax if possible.