Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My test framework...

...is starting to payoff a bit I guess

I now use it in QTP, web-based test tools and in vbs-files. All test result is stored in a test database and Dashboard views are available via our Intranet. For example: We have scheduled batch jobs running nighly which actually is test cases so their result is stored as well.

I am also planning to have a simple form where manual regression test result can be registered (some sort of QC light). The main reason is to have better overview which parts were tested when and by whom. This does not include testing new functionality since we use ET and test sheets...


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Anonymous said...

Kindly clear me how to build Test Automation Framework


Stefan said...

Well, stay tuned and you will probably get more clues soon. Meanwhile check out my recommended links and you will find some good stuff.

Syed said...

Hi Stefan, I have a question on connection QC to QTP.
Currently we have all the QTP stuffs loaded in QC and running the scripts directly from QC.

Lemme expalin the complete process
1) We created seperate folders for Object Repository, Function Libraries, Reusable actions, Master Scripts and Recovery Scenarios.
2) Input datas in a excel format are added on each script

3) while invoking the script, we first fetch the input data file from the QC and store it on our local (hardcoded C:\Automation) and then we are importing it into QTP.

4) But i beleive it is not a advisable one to do.

Now here is my Question:

1) how to import data file directly from QC to QTP???
2) i really donno how to capture the QC path with the help of that testname though we are capturing the input file and saving it with the help of that testname

Please Find attached our code:

Public Function GetAttachment(TestName)
Dim strTestName

Set tdc=QCUtil.TDConnection
Set TstFact=tdc.TestFactory
Set TestList= TstFact.NewList("select TS_TEST_ID from TEST where TS_NAME='"&strTestName&"'")
Set strTestName=TestList.Item(1)
Set AttFact=strTestName.Attachments
Set AttachList=AttFact.NewList("")
for each AttList in AttachList
Set TestAttachStorage=AttList.AttachmentStorage
AttList.Load True,"C:\Automation"
End Function

Please gimme a solution for this....

Stefan said...


I recommend posting your issue on SQA Forums or AdvancedQTP instead since I have not worked with QC for a couple of years and I am not up to date regarding QTP/QC integration.