Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Test automation report

Ever since my first QTP crash back in early 2000 I have disliked the QTP native report. The layout and content is OK but the fact that the result is not available until after the test run (and if QTP did not crash) is not satisfying according to my reuqirements in automation.

So about a year ago I began to log test result outside QTP so the it becomes available during run-time. When switching from Excel to SQL Server I did some web GUIs so it would be easier to follow the test progress...and now my latest report is looking quite good I think (it reminds a bit of QTP's native):

The concept is simply like this:

1. Read selected data from db
2. Render frames based on the data using JavaScript and VBScript (the pie chart requires Flashplayer)
3. Press update or refresh to get the latest results (if the test is running)

It is based on my test case data model and I use a JS Tree to generate test case nodes:

If you click on a test case all related data is shown in the main frame as well as clicking on test suite node (one report can have one or more test suites).

Does this look interesting? I will make an deidentified code copy and publish it later. The report does not require QTP and can be used with any tool which allows custom reporting. Must of the job is to implement a good custom reporting (prefeble to a database) from your test tool and have a good test case data model.


Glenn Halstead said...


This looks REALLY good. I'm just getting to the point of needing a way to share real time execution results. I currently use a spreadhseet and am considering how to make the data from the spreadsheet viewable in a browser.

I do want to retain the ability to sanitise the automated results before the "public" see them. E.g. investigate fails to ensure they're not script errors.


Sofia Hunt said...
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Sofia Hunt said...

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