Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Test data model part 2

A snapshot document of my test framework data model is now available for download:


What to use it for?

I think it mainly can serve as an inspiration source on how to (or how not to...) model your test framework as it is difficult to use it "as is" since it requires SQL logic (in code or in store procedures) and a bunch of GUIs (some has been published earlier).

When I read the document I realize that some things should be refactored (bit instead of varchar for True/False columns for example) but all design decisions made sense to me at the time of creation. The database is "hand-made" from scratch using SQL Server GUI to create and change tables. Columns and tables have been added from time to time ever since.

One of the reason why I choosed to use SQL Server instead of excel was that my AUT required of lot of parameters...if I do select distinct test_case_parameter_name from test_case_parameter the answer is 192...

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