Tuesday, 8 November 2011

QTP: And I thought I knew QTP by Tarun Lalwani

Tarun Lalwani, one of the leading experts in the automation test tool QuickTest Professional™ (QTP) has recently released his second book: And I thought I knew QTP.

This is most likely a unique book in this context: A technical novel! At least I have not read anything like it or heard about something simular to this concept.

The story is about Nurat, an Indian consultant with 7 years experience of QTP. While considering a new career, he is called to a series of interviews for one the top companies in the IT-business. Those interviews are about every aspect of QTP you can think of (and some you did not knew about I can assure you).

The question-answer format in combination with some practical hands-on tips makes this a great book about QTP whether you work (or want to) as an automation consultant or with other automation releated tasks such as framwork design for example.

I got a feeling when reading this book that it has some elements of self-biography but it is my personal reflection. I guess only Tarun himself could measure with Nurat. Without reviling the end of this book I probably would not have passed these interviews since I thought I knew QTP :-).

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