Thursday, 16 June 2016

Taking a (testing) break

This post is to inform that I am taking a break from being a professional software tester.

For those of you who follows me on Twitter it might not come as a surprise since I have been more into tweets about the domain of finance and pensions rather than specific testing related stuff during the last years.

I got some new energi after the Let's Test conference last year but it was not enough to fill up the amount of passion for testing that is necessary to maintain relevant in this occupation (in my opinion).

I get my kicks nowadays providing guidelines for consumers and I will start working on a small bureau providing independant consumer guidelines for pension- and insurance products.

I won't be closing any doors and I might return as a tester someday somewhere.

Until then I am thankful for all of the good stuff I have learned during my 20 years in the role and for all the amazing people I have met during this period of my life.

Au Revoir


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