Friday, 11 July 2008

Selenium IDE: First impressions

Installation of Selenium IDE went very smooth including installing FireFox 3.0 at first. Had to tweek some security settings in order to get proper access to our test environments but after that all went well accessing the AUT directly or via Selenium.

Did some basic AUT actions using Record/Replay in Selenium IDE and it worked pretty well considering it is a free tool. I had to adjust replay speed (the tests runs very fast at highest speed setting) in order for some objects to get recognized since I did not find any proper "wait...exists" command at first.

Unfortunate I could confirm that Selenium could not handle pop-up dialogs which it is a critical requirement for my AUT. I found some possible workarounds when googled on the subject but have not tried them yet (any tips are welcome!). So for the moment I put Selenium on hold.

Currently I am on vacation but my summer reading are books about Java and OO. Hopefully I soon have enough knowledge to start re-write some of my test utilites into Java using OO design. I've got IntelliJ IDEA installed which seems to be a very good Java IDE...


abaird said...

Stefan -

If you liked Selenium, you should check out Watir/Ruby ( It does have some support for popups, is a great object oriented language, has a tremendous user community (which I am a part of) and it's free.


Stefan said...


Thanks for the tip! However I would like to use Java in my new framework rather then another language (Ruby). But a strong user community is definetly a big plus...