Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Java: My first Class... ready and seems to work!

My programming experience has envolved some languages over the years and here is a summary:

1984-1990 Basic on Sinclair Spectrum (developing small simple games at home)
1990 Pascal on PC/Windows (small simple programs at high school)
1991 C on Unix and PC/Windows (simple programs at high school)
1991 Assembler (simple robot programs at high scool)
1994- JavaScript (web and test tool utilities at home and at work)
1998-2000 LabView (programs for hardware interaction at work)
2000- VBScript (automation and test tools utilities at work)
2002- SQL (various scripts at work including Store procedure programming)
2002-2006 Loadrunner "C" (performance scripts at work)

and now I can add

2008- Java (automation and test tools at work)

I have read a couple of Java books during my vacation and hopefully I understand a bit more about the OO concept than before as well as the Java syntax.

I have started off with a simple Class for test data utilities and I have rewritten some of my old VBScript functions into Java methods. And so far it works pretty well. One of the major benefits is that I now got an decent IDE in ItelliJ IDEA compared to using QTP's native IDE for VBScript.

My initial goal is to rework my test framework for Web Service testing as there are some powerful utilites available for Java (generate test classes from WSDL for example).


Anonymous said...

Hello Stefan,

I am working on automating testing of oracle 10g forms and reports (Developer suit) using QTP. Could you please tell me if it is possible to write custom classes for oracle object identification. I am new to JAVA programming, so i would also need some sample classes if available. Please point me to some place where i can get some sample custom classes for qtp.

Thanks regards,

Stefan said...


There are some good articles about VBScript classes and QTP at and

I still consider myself as a Java newbie but I will probably publish some of my classes later on when they are decent enough.