Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pairwise test case design part three

I discovered the wonderful project CodeMirror about a year ago where you can design a text editor in browser with syntax highlightning...

...the other day when I edited a model file for PICT.exe I got the idea of a deluxe version of my old PICT web shell. For more background about PICT and Pairwise test case design, please see my first post about it.

Key features:
+ Syntax highlight for PICT model file content
+ Test cases output file content visable in GUI
+ Export to Excel

Download and enjoy!


Will said...

This looks great. I'm looking forward to getting back to a Windows box to try it out.

Stefan said...

Hope you like it. Should mention that it works best (only?) in MS IE (activeX) and you probably gets some security messages depending on where placing the source files.

muebles en madrid said...

Really effective material, thanks so much for the post.

Anonymous said...

your efforts great but i have problem in the run dose not response ?ow i can solve that

Stefan said...


I need some more you use IE? Have you PICT installed with proper path?